We offer website solutions that are affordable for every level of business from start-up to existing. We can design anything from basic informational websites to advanced eCommerce websites. Our mobile friendly websites that makes it easier for smartphone owners to view your website. This is important because so many people browse the web with smartphones. It can also have special features like a call button and map. A great way to direct people to your mobile website is by using QR Codes with online specials.

Importance of Mobile-Friendly Websites

Traditional desktop websites generally have a set width. When you view one of these sites with a mobile phone, it has to shrink the page down to make everything visible. The result is tiny text that you can't read without zooming in and scrolling around.

Responsive websites relieve this problem by simplifying layouts and using flexible widths. They also avoid using too many columns, flash animation, and large files sizes that aren't conducive to mobile devices. Responsive websites make it easier for customers to find you while on the go.
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